Revolutionizing transportation planning


Transportation Planning Elevated

We use aerial imagery, computer vision, and analytics to automate the observation, measurement, and analysis of change in cities.

Our solutions support the reutilization of urban land for more productive means, facilitating sustainable economic growth by providing our customers data that is affordable, reliable, accessible, and most of all, easy to understand.


Quantifly won second place in the 2018 Genius NY accelerator, the largest drone / UAV startup competition and incubator in the world!


Innovation has never been easier

The power of aerial analytics in the palm of your hand. Let Quantifly transform qualitative data into granular quantitative data to better inform critical transportation decision making.

Cities are constantly in motion, being edited and rewritten, erased and modified; Quantifly measures these changes.

What we do

Our initial product is a parking study replacement that can can cover hundreds of acres, costs less than the average study, and creates verifiable data. Partners are provided a massive amount of data including geocoded hourly parking averages with GIS shapefiles and aerial imagery.

You tell us where to fly, when, and how many days ... and we gather the data.

We're looking for partnerships

If you’re looking to form a partnership or just seeking support on a parking study, get in touch! We recently won second place in the Genius NY competition, the largest drone / UAV competition in the world.

We are developing a suite of products that will make conducting parking studies easier and the data more informative.

No need to hire a team of car counters

No need walk up and down streets and parking lots counting cars for 12 hours, every hour, for days

No need to manually transcribe thousands of data points into tables and analytics software


Watch our video to see what we're building!